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The five Noblewomen

The name “Nobildonne Relais” derives from the decision to dedicate each suite to a different Roman noblewoman, all of whom made their mark on the heart of the city between 1500 and 1800: Paolina Borghese, Donna Olimpia Pamphili, Artemisia Gentileschi, Beatrice Cenci and Lucrezia Borgia.

For each noblewoman, the associated Suite features a one-off artwork created for the Nobildonne Relais by the Studiovagante artist collective, drawing inspiration from celebrated portraits that can be admired in the most important museums in Rome.
The common area for its part, plays host to four large black-and-white shots in which the photographer Francesco Cascavilla uses five models to interpret the characters of the noblewomen in a contemporary key.

Paolina Borghese
Deluxe suite

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Donna Olimpia Pamphilj
Superior Suite

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Artemisia Gentileschi
Superior Suite

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Lucrezia Borgia
Superior Suite

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Beatrice Cenci

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A patrician residence
for an unforgettable holiday
in the centre of Rome

The Nobildonne Relais is housed within a residence measuring almost 300sqm, with windows looking out over the courtyard of Palazzo Mereghi and over Via dell’Arancio. It encompasses five large and completely independent Suites, enriched by a large shared space with a fireplace, a chesterfield and armchairs, to say nothing of the extraordinary mosaic floor featuring a stylised floral motif.

The ceilings are more than four metres high and feature Renaissance-style frescos; the floors, laid by hand, are embellished by Venetian-style mosaic tiles; the doors and the sumptuous windows are decorated in grey and gold – in short, everything is geared towards creating an ambience at once exclusive and intimate, thanks also to the carefully selected furniture, restored by local artisans. Every Suite bears the name of a Roman noblewoman who lived between the Renaissance and the 19th century; in each case, her personality and life are reflected in the choice of fabrics, colours and decor.